When it comes to relationships, it's helpful to remember that no one was born knowing how to be a great life partner. True, some people were fortunate to have parents who modeled what a successful relationship could be but, for many people, learning to be a good partner takes time and practice. 

At East-West Psychotherapy, we believe successful relationships are based on a foundation of friendship characterized by shared interests, good communications, and the ability to fight fairly about what’s truly important, all of that combined with a physical, intimate connection and a sense of shared life goals.

To understand what contributes to successful relationships, East-West Psychotherapy has learned much from the pioneering research of Drs. John and Julie Gottman, a husband and wife psychologist team from Seattle. The Gottmans have done some of the most extensive research to date on the dynamics that differentiate successful from unsuccessful relationships, and it’s their findings that inform much of the work we do.

Our work is also informed by Naikan, a Buddhist-oriented form of self-reflection that helps make each member of a couple aware of of his or her behaviors impact the other partner. 


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